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Stop missing project deadlines

We’ll create 3D models from your 2D drawings & scans to virtually build your construction projects. So you‘ll detect & fix problems—before construction begins.
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Avoid clashes in the field
Meet your deadlines
Take on more projects

as the vdc or project manager…

Ever worry about…

Missing construction deadlines with too many problems in the field?
Building & praying everything will work?
Everyone stressed during design & construction?
Losing money by missing profit margins?
Losing customers to the competition that use technology better?
Losing millions from change orders that should have been avoided?
Worry no more. We’ve gotcha.
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Ready for VDC/BIM models that will prevent all that?

a vdc/bim expert-team at your side

See problems—before they become problems

Because pixels on the screen are cheaper to fix than bricks in the field. We’ll build your project virtually—to make life easier for everyone.
Better models
Detect problems virtually to avoid fixing them in the field
Fewer conflicts
Avoid trade clashes from happening during construction
Higher profits
Steer clear of change orders that add millions to the project
Less confusion
Use visual models to create a common understanding—for everyone
Greater confidence
Get shop drawings you trust to improve construction efficiency, quality & costs
Predictable outcomes
Meet all your schedules to please clients & take on more projects
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Ready to always purchase the right amount of materials for every job?

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Why wait any longer—to build better?

Use technology right—with VDC/BIM models that cut out the excess. Excess labor, materials, delays, costs, frustration, confusion, stress & uncertainty. Say “good riddance” to all that.
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Send us your drawings ∙ We’ll review your drawings ∙ Discuss your drawings ∙ Follow up with a best pricing
Build your VDC/BIM models
Create models from your drawings ∙ Meet weekly to keep everyone informed ∙ Detect & solve issues before construction ∙ Deliver your models, reports & drawings
Deliver projects on time
Use technology right ∙ Trust your models ∙ Avoid clashes in the field ∙ Deliver projects faster & better
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Ready for a BIM agency that will deliver as promised?

about us

Too many projects—missing too many deadlines. Period.

Why? Because too many construction companies aren’t applying technology as best they could—or should. Too many problems after breaking ground. Too many guesses what to do next. And too much conflict in the field. Resulting in too many delays and too many change orders.
Nick Latsis
Co-Founder of New Vision Agency
That’s why we started New Vision.
To apply technology right. With VDC/BIM models for your construction projects. Created by a team of construction pros. So you’ll see things before building things. And…
Alex Vysochanskyi
Managing Partner of New Vision Agency
So you can meet your construction deadlines. Period.
Ready to know what will be feasible in the field by looking at the screen? Ready to build complex projects that are less confusing? Ready for everyone involved to do their jobs best?
Shawn O’Brien
Managing Partner of New Vision Agency
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why us

We’re expert modelers

Been delivering models—from the beginning of Virtual Design & Construction
15M+ square feet of BIM modeling
Well-versed in $500+ million projects
Helped 200+ projects meet their deadlines
Recommended by the biggies like Swinerton, BNBuilders & Dusty Robotics
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our services

GC Services ∙ Framing & Drywall ∙ Electrical ∙ Plumbing

We offer everything below for everything above.
VDC/BIM Modeling
Models to visualize, simulate & analyze construction projects.
Reports to ease design & planning of construction.
Make the best use of resources to achieve your project goals.
Teams, trades & systems working together to plan, design & execute projects.
Existing Construction
Capture the reality with a detailed VDC model from your drawings and scans.
Shop Drawings & Specifications
Visuals to successfully execute your construction projects.
Fabrication ∙ Rennovations ∙ Design Automation ∙ As-Built Modeling ∙ 4D Modeling ∙ Specialty Modeling ∙ Gap Modeling
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Ready to know what’s feasible & what’s not—by simply looking at the screen?

so then…

Want virtual models? Or not?

Appreciate so much…
Becoming more profitable
Avoiding trade clashes
Meeting your deadlines
Taking on more projects with confidence
Being (even more) proud of your company
Keep wondering about…
Working more hours than needed
Reacting to problems in the field
Losing owners’ confidence
Delivering projects over-budget
Creating change order after change order

Why gamble with your construction projects?

Why gamble with your construction projects?

“I’m tired of missing project deadlines. Frustrated fixing expensive problems that should have been caught. And done with confusion, delays & cost overruns. I want to use current technology. Detect problems on the screen. With an expert that’s done this 1000s of times. I’m ready.”
We. Hear. You. Let’s make that happen.
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