Often feeling — uncoordinated?

We provide BIM Coordination Support to ensure all parts of construction fit together
A devoted coordination expert for all your BIM projects
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Better focus for VDC managers
Less clashes in the field
More clarity for everyone involved

For your projects—tired of…

Missing deadlines with so many problems in the field? Missing details that bite you later in the process? Missing chances to save money or time during construction? Constantly distracted from seeing the big picture? Or, lack a solid & working BIM Execution Plan?
As a VDC manager, that’s gotta suck
what coordination support looks like

Complete projects faster, cheaper

Let us run your BIM, coordination meetings to review clash tests, requirements & execution plans. And…
A solid pro
A coordination support professional to augment & enhance your team
The right emphasis
Focus more on construction & less on clashes
Less clashes
Detailed project progress updates to prevent small problems from becoming big ones
Better insights
Know all your risks, options, costs, challenges & schedules—early on
Better sharing
Improve communication & collaboration for your teams
Better kum ba yah
All parties working together with a common understanding & focus

Bundles that work for you

Let us run your BIM, coordination meetings to review clash tests, requirements & execution plans. And…
10 hrs/wk
15 hrs/wk
40 hrs/wk
Clash detection & viewpoints
Detect clashes from multiple perspectives
Clash reports & model delivery
See potential problems & deliver solid models to build from
Weekly clash review meetings
Brief, regular discussions to stay on top of any problems
Data management
Keep everything gathered—organized, safe & easy to use
In-house training
Train any-&-everyone involved to stay sharp & prepared
Subcontractor communication
Keep subcontractors in the know—all the time
Constructability reports
See things on the screen or on paper to ease design & planning
Coordination strategy
Make sure all the parts fit as nice whole together
SOP & BEP development
Guidelines & best practices to manage projects effectively & consistently
Lead coordination meetings
Keep everyone informed & moving towards the same direction—together
A devoted coordinator ∙ Instant support via instant messaging ∙ Know what you’ll pay each month ∙ Applies to one project
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“As a multi-region, multi-market construction firm, we rely on strategic partnerships to help us achieve optimal results for our clients. New Vision Agency has been one of our most trusted and high-performance partners for many years. This is especially true for the BIM support they’ve provided to us to augment our self-perform concrete, self-perform drywall/framing, MEP Coordination and Scan-to-BIM activities”
Brian Arnold, Innovation Executive with BNBuilders
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Ready for less rework & more compliance?

Last thing you want are more change orders—and more risk of failing building codes & regulations. Ugh. Let’s talk so that will never happen.
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Meet to learn more ∙ Identify your pains ∙ Determine if we’re a match
Ease coordination meetings
Audit existing coordination models ∙ Align with your standards ∙ Establish responsibilities ∙ Sign off on all models
Build with confidence
Less stressful coordination meetings ∙ Clash reports you trust ∙ Know everything will fit together
why us

Making life easier for VDC managers since 2018

10M+ square feet of BIM modeling
Well-versed in projects over 1B$
Helped 200+ projects meet their deadlines (ok, missed 1 deadline in 5 years)
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No like, no pay — simple as that
Recommended by the biggies like Swinerton, BNBuilders & more
our coordination services

Stop hoping everything will fit

And start knowing—everything will.
Clash Detection
Check construction plans closely to identify conflicts between systems, like pipes & ducts—before construction starts.
Coordination Meetings
Everyone knowing their tasks & working well together. Apply tech to create a smooth process. Spot & resolve problems proactively.
Constructability Reports
Know how easy or hard a plan is to build. See things that might cause problems during construction. And advise how to improve plans.

How do you want you days to look?

Run coordination meetings better than ever
Run a more profitable business
Get a clash report by the time you wake up
Learn from professionals that do this everyday
Maintain your hard-earned brand
Keep spending more than needed
Keep working late nights
Keep scrolling through 100s of new clashes
Keep stressing about work
Keep hearing complaints from sub-contractors
Too many VDC & BIM managers suffer too many clashes for their construction projects. We run their coordination meetings to prevent clashes from happening in the field. So they can build projects knowing all components & systems will work perfectly together.