Build your framing virtually

Stop fixing work in the field that should‘ve been fixed—on the screen
We’ll build your BIM models to detect & fix problems —before the crew arrives
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Trust your BIM models
Reduce materials & labor costs
Build more prefabricated walls
framing is hard

Ready to avoid…

Missing critical framing issues that show up during construction?
Spending more than needed for materials & labor?
Missing critical details with only 2D models?
Running into pipes & other things while dry walling?
Finding one surprise after another in the field?
And the same for plumbing, electrical & HVAC?
“Hell yeah!”, you say? Perfect. Let’s create your framing models
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Ready to free up your time & mind with a BIM expert team?
an expert bim team to help you…

Do. Framing. Right

3D models for your metal & wood framing projects. All coordinated to detect & resolve issues during design. With shop drawings & specs to save bucks & build faster. So you‘ll get…
More projects
Win more projects by offering lower & more accurate bids.
More profits
Complete projects faster while earning higher margins.
More savings
Get shop drawings with specifications to reduce material & labor costs.
More peace
Avoid costly clashes across trades from happening in the field.
More predictability
Assemble framing offsite to set panels in place & build faster.
More confidence
Purchase the right amount of materials for every job.
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Ready to know what’s in the walls sooner—to avoid fixing what’s in the walls—later?
“As a multi-region, multi-market construction firm, we rely on strategic partnerships to help us achieve optimal results for our clients. New Vision Agency has been one of our most trusted and high-performance partners for many years. This is especially true for the BIM support they’ve provided to us to augment our self-perform concrete, self-perform drywall/framing, MEP Coordination and Scan-to-BIM activities”
Brian Arnold,
Innovation Executive with BNBuilders
why wait any longer?

Take on more projects by meeting more deadlines

Isn’t that what every construction company wants for their business? How? By fixing everything virtually—before building a thing. Ahh, the power of BIM. And the experience of New Vision
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Send us your designs ∙ We’ll make comments ∙ And follow up with a quote
Build your framing models
Manage your models ∙ Coordinate framing construction∙ Keep everyone informed ∙ Detect & solve issues before framing
Deliver your projects on time
Avoid clashes in the field ∙ Create the perfect layout on-site ∙ Frame walls with ease ∙ Deliver projects faster & better
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Ready for a well-managed, organized set of BIM models?
why us

We know construction. We know framing. We know BIM

And we know what you’re going through
Develop models
for top national GC companies
Deliver models
for the most complex buildings in the U.S
Apple, Google & Facebook—with extreme demands for framing
100% guaranteed
Not happy? Pay nothing
Give us drawings
we’ll give you a quote
Talk with past clients
swe’ll set you up
Lilia Cherniuk
Team Lead
Ksenia Ubiyvovk
Senior VDC Engineer
our framing services

No more delays. No more on-site fixes on-site. No more burn-out or stress.

We specialize in… Metal & Timber sub-contractors ∙ In-house dry wall departments ∙ General Contractors ∙ Automated robotic layout companies
VDC/BIM Modeling
to simulate & visualize interior & exterior enclosures.
Constructability Reports
and issue logs to detect & resolve issues before construction begins.
Fabrication data
to generate specs to build pre-fab walls before showing up at the site.
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Ready to know what’s feasible & what’s not by simply looking at the screen?
our framing services

…why we should work together

So you can…
Trust your models
Find & fix more problems—virtually
Complete framing work more quickly
Save big bucks on materials & labor
Replace chaos with calm in the field
Otherwise, keep pondering about…
Finding problems you didn’t expect
Fixing things over & over
People pointing fingers at others
Finding crews sitting & waiting
A poor reputation in the industry

Yeah, let it out…

“No more fixing on-site for what should have been determined off-site. No more delays with unforeseen problems. No more creating bids that are too high. And no more turning down larger, complex projects. I’m done with all that.”
It’s like we’re in your head. Weird, huh?
Contact us. We’ll get back to you today to schedule a call. Promise.
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