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Why hire expensive staff to create your virtual models, analyze them & coordinate your trades as a general contractor? Leave that to us. So you can save big bucks, reclaim time & meet more project deadlines
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working on big construction projects…

We see this all too often…

Missing construction deadlines with problems in the field. Wasting money hiring expensive staff vs. using an expert, outsourced agency. Catching mistakes in the field vs. on the screen. Losing critical time creating models in-house. Poorly managing models’ underlying data. And, reworking models—over & over again.
Money. Time. Stress. That’s what we relieve for GCs like you
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Ready to outsource your virtual modeling to experts that do this—every day?
Alexey Avramenko
Team Lead
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Ready to outsource your virtual modeling to experts that do this—every day?
an expert bim team in your pocket

Why not do BIM yourself?

Well… here’s a few reasons…
Save money
Save loads not hiring expensive employees. Outsource this to us vs. finding, interviewing, hiring, onboarding & paying staff all year long. Save on offices, workstations, taxes, insurance & licenses too
Save time
We’ll create your models & manage everything around them. Coordinate teams, trades & systems for you. This will ease & speed up planning, designing & executing your construction projects
Save brain cells
Know your models are accurate & complete. No more errors or rework. Avoid costly change orders that add millions to the project. Watch everything fit into place. Feel ‘ahhhhh’ for your projects.
Why else?
Free up PMs’ time managing models & modelers. Improve communication & collaboration among teams. Use specialists well-versed in Revit & the like. There’s (much) more. But you get the idea, right?
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Ready for modeling to be the easiest part of your business?
As a multi-region, multi-market construction firm, we rely on strategic partnerships to help us achieve optimal results for our clients. New Vision Agency has been one of our most trusted and high-performance partners for many years. This is especially true for the BIM support they’ve provided to us to augment our self-perform concrete, self-perform drywall/framing, MEP Coordination and Scan-to-BIM activities
Brian Arnold,
Innovation Executive with BNBuilders
let’s do this

“It shouldn’t be this hard to create our BIM models.”

Agreed. That’s why we created this business. And it’s easy to work with us…
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Send us your drawings ∙ We’ll review your drawings ∙ Discuss your drawings ∙ Follow up with a proposal
Build your models
Manage sub-contractors ∙ Coordinate your models ∙ Keep everyone informed ∙ Detect & solve issues before construction
Deliver your projects
Use technology right ∙ Trust your models ∙ Avoid clashes in the field ∙ Save money, time & stress
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Ready to free up time to do what you do best—construction?
why us

We’ve all worked in construction

We know what you‘re going through
in $500M+ projects
We deliver
great models
Manage everything
for you
Solve problems
around VDC staffing
Help GCs do
(even) better work
Got all
the expensive tools
so you don’t have to
our gc services

We make life easier for General Contractors

How? Stop modeling in-house. Stop stressing out. Stop missing deadlines. And, start watching people work better together onsite. Isn’t that what all GCs want more of?
We specialize in Commercial, Industrial and Residential for the services below
VDC/BIM Modeling
Models to visualize, simulate & analyze construction projects.
Teams, trades & systems working together to plan, design & execute projects.
Reports to ease design & planning of construction.
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Ready to feel more control for project outcomes?
Q: How would you like your story to end?
Work with us…
Run a more profitable business
Run with a leaner staff
Create more kumbaya in the field
Build an (even) better reputation
Get new projects from building owners
Keep stressing about…
Losing sleep at nights
Hiring expensive modelers
Missing sales goals
Hearing about problems in the field
A poor reputation for the business
Ever hear these words in your head?
“I’m tired of us spending so much time coordinating. Tired of trying to track so many tasks. And frustrated doing so much work—outside of construction. I want to offload modeling to a professional team. Have them coordinate our trades. And make constructability a breeze. So we can do what we do best—build!”
Is that the missing piece you’d like to fill in?
Great. Let’s do that. Contact us. We’ll get back to you quickly to answer your questions or schedule a call.
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