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Stop fixing later — what should have been fixed earlier

With virtual models for your electrical projects. New Vision will extend your team to create your VDC/BIM models and simplify your projects.
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Less materials & labor costs
Trades working well togerher
Error - free installations
about your electrical projects…

Relate with any (or all) of these?

Problems showing up on-site
that you could have redlined on the screen?
Inaccurate shop drawings
had you buy the wrong materials?
Building more on-site
vs. using pre-fabricated pieces?
Delays with teams that are confused
& pointing fingers?
Too much rework
with poor (or no) layout preplanning?
Or, an unsafe setting created without ampacity, voltage drop and wire size calculations?
Not good. But… we’ll make all that go away.
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Ready for installations to be a breeze—not a pain?
don’t be left behind

Use technology to your advantage

Because your competitors sure are. With BIM models that save loads of time, money, stress, sweat & tears. For you & your clients.
Do great work
Meet all your customers' electrical needs & requirements—quicker & better.
No-surprise installations
Error-free electrical engineering and installation.
Make solid promises
Guarantee the work you do for your clients.
Do things right
Always be compliant with industry standards & regulations.
Save big bucks
Lessen errors & rework by fixing any problems well before construction.
Keep things running
Little-to-no downtime & disruptions to customer's day-to-day ops.
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Ready for a pro team, creating your models, that ease installations?
The Team at New Vision (NV) have been a huge help with the overflow of BIM related work for a few medical and commercial projects over the past year and a half. They have an amazing team that is willing to go the extra effort to meet the jobs expectations and deliverables. They make themselves available at all hours for BIM coordination meetings, status update meetings. I can not express the dedication Olha, Alex, Nick and the rest of the Team at NV have gone to be the best at what they do. We will use New Vision for years to come.
Todd Lorenz - Director of Preconstruction at Briggs Electric, Inc.
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With 3D models that are complete, precise & executed perfectly

So you can build everything—faster & better. And, call us (anytime) to answer all your questions—quickly
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Send us your designs ∙ We’ll make comments ∙ And follow up with a quote
Build your electrical models
Manage your models ∙ Coordinate electrical construction∙ Solve issues before construction
Deliver projects on time
Avoid clashes in the field ∙ Assemble systems with ease ∙ Take on more projects
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Ready to be informed at all times—by making small, not large, course corrections?
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So you can expect…

Modern tech
to get complete & accurate models
Streamlined electrical work
in the field
Solutions that fit
within your budget
Everything compliant
with industry standards
Progress shown
Isn’t that what every electrical sub-contractor should expect? And get?
our electrical services

Meet all your project specs & budget constraints

We’ll create 3D models for your electrical work. Shop drawings to reduce materials & labor. And manage everything to create common understanding for everyone.
Wiring & Cabling
Ampacity, voltage drop & wire size calculations to ensure safe & efficient electrical systems.
Examine electrical plans to ensure designs can be built correctly, safely and effectively.
Review & markup models to identify issues & suggest improvements. And to ensure everyone is working from the same plans & specs.
Layout pre-planning
Plan for safe & efficient layout of electrical components, circuits & equipment—prior to installation.
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Ready for solutions that require little maintenance over the years?

Work together? Or Not?

Feel confident about…
Fewer problems during construction
Using more pre-fabricated pieces
Joy & thrills meeting all deadlines
Everyone working well together
A brand that’s highly respected
Keep feeling the pain…
Losing out to the competition
Meeting next deadlines—or not
Chaos in the field
Installations that don’t go as planned
Rework that eats up profits

Does this sound like something in your head?

“I’m tired of experiencing the same installation problems. Disappointed with drawings that lack details. And stressed worrying about conduit schedules that can nuke the entire project. I want to hit all our deadlines with models that create clarity—for everyone.”
Contact us. We’ll get back to you quickly to answer your questions or schedule a call.
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